The Immortal Freestand Wing Chun Dummy


A unique mixed martial arts training tool. Not for the faint hearted.

The wing chun dummy or wooden dummy is used by the already advanced fighter to control and focus his power while repeating the moves over and over again.

Are you thinking of buying a wing chun dummy, but have nowhere to put it? Are you thinking that if you but a normal wing chun dummy, you will not use it as much because you cant keep it set up.

Want a new wing chun dummy but worried about breaking a wooden one.

Don't worry at mma training gear we offer the world's only heavy duty plastic wing chun dummy. It can be sited anywhere, including outside as its made of a durable polymer. Completely free-standing! So it can be moved around and doesn't need a wall to support it. It weighs an incredible 85 kgs to make sure that it reacts just like an attacking opponent, yet its still classed as a portable wing chun dummy.

Would you like a wing chun dummy that you can use everyday.
Do you want to buy something that you know will last forever?
Would you like a dummy to show your wing chun skills off at your friends or even at your local training school!

How come other websites are charging nearly as much for a wing chun dummy that will last a fraction of the time. How come other wing chun dummies have to be fixed to a wall or even to the floor, giving far less freedom and flexibility.

Our wing chun dummy is unique because its made of durable polymer and is completely freestanding

We offer delivery to anywhere in the UK or Europe or we have a collection offer, where you can test the equipment & make minor alterations to the wing chun dummy to suit your techniques. We also offer a number of different payment types including debit and credit card facilities.

You can order the immortal wing chun free-standing dummy by simply clicking the buy now button or if you prefer a wall dummy, we have a choice of two. Alternatively you can call us to place the order, please note this is an order only phone line, and any queries can be addressed by email at:-

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