Danger, Does Your MMA Protective Training Gear Actually Protect You?

Do you feel as protected as you would like in your traditional pads and gloves? Do you worry about making full contact for both yours and your opponents sake?

When you strike or get hit, how much of that impact is absorbed by your traditional equipment. Have you ever been struck and felt it was like a proper unprotected punch. Have you ever almost been knocked over or winded by a supposed training jab or kick.

Don't worry at www.immortaluk.com we have patented rights to the solution. We have designed specialised training gear around the NASA designed Vasco foam, also known as Impact foam. We have called it the Royce Gracie Impact Range.

Would you like to use equipment that doesn't centre the force of impact, it not only absorbs upto 42% more, but will spread the remaining impact over a much greater area.

Would you like equipment that's been used and endorsed by Royce Gracie, one of the legends of the UFC.

Would you like to use equipment that's been developed by the worlds leading space agency and has been patented by immortal for use in any sports equipment?

How come all the training gear is made with the same old foam that was developed over a hundred years ago.
How come other companies have not tried to develop training aids and innovative products that actually improve full contact sports.

Impact foam moulds around the points of impact and gives unrivalled protection, it is used in a range of other products including mattresses and car manufacture. We provide a whole range of products which is expanding on a weekly basis. We provide cost effective prices and special offers to make items even more attractive. We are the only company manufacturing with Vasco foam, we are the impact range.

Take a look at our extensive range and click to buy, note our sale price are changing all the time, so please hurry and email sales@immortaluk.com with any queries.

We do not provide to any third-party's etc

www.immortaluk.com is your one stop shop for all your mma training equipment

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