Kick boxing training

Anyone Kick Boxing Beware. Have you tried this new shield that trains as well as protects?

If you enjoy kick boxing as well as any other martial art, you now can have target practice whilst giving your opponent full torso protection. At we have developed a target torso shield which has 11 embossed crosshair targets for extreme accuracy kick boxing.

Have you ever been kick boxing and wanted to concentrate on particular points on your opponents body.
Have you ever wanted to make kick boxing a bit more enjoyable, saying three numbers like 2,7,10 can simply make practice more interesting.
Have you ever wanted a tough durable shield, with the heaviest density foam available and covered in thick vinyl.

Don't worry at we have developed for kick boxing, the Target Torso Shield, originally intended just for police and military extreme accuracy training. It has 11 vinyl embossed targets, arranged in such a way that it makes kick boxing more acurate and interesting. It has been designed to be practical for striking and punching, but can also take a 'good kicking' from the most experience kick boxer. Made with 6 rear handles, it can be moved around to almost any position.

Wouldn't you like to go kick boxing with something that is designed to last.
Wouldn't you prefer to train your accuracy as well as condition your strength.
Don't you want to use a kick boxing tool that has been developed for a national security agency.

How come you haven't seen this type of shield before, how come its cheaper than a standard kick boxing shield.

At we strive to design innovative products for the kick boxing and martial arts industry. The target concept might not be that unique, but combined with a torso shield it has become one of our bestsellers. It is available individually or to schools as a bulk purchase.

To buy simply click the button below and the item will be shipped within 24 hours. It is a large piece of kick boxing equipment and you will be sure to be impressed with it

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