The Immortal Free Standing Dummy-Can Be Used Indoors & Outdoors-Totally Portable-Weather Proof-Doesn't warp or Crack Approved & Used by The Great Master Wong Used By Many Masters/Practisioners World Wide

-NOTICE-We have had a unexpected high volume of orders for the Immortal Dummy, we are waiting for are new Batch of dummys to be made they take around 8 to 10 weeks to have made but dont worry you can still secure your dummy by Ordering on here or Email me Direct on or call me keith on 07519234821

International customers: We still sell & ship Over Sea's but Due to a unexpected High Volume of sales for the Immortal Dummy in the UK we can't Sell/ship over sea's until UK orders have been compleated, We are Deeply sorry for your wait.


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Our suppliers & products are tested & approved by the famous master wong and many other top martial artiest.

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Wether your Karate,wing chun,jeet kung do,kickboxing,boxing infact most martial arts, Look at are products cant find anything you want please get in touch with are friendly team.


Note: we are not in cambridge now we are based in newcastle upon tyne...

Immortal Dummy Delivery Service or Pick up Yourself

We offer Delivery anywhere thoughout the UK for £75.00 

Look out for are Disscounts

These Disscounts Start Right Now!

Blitz Kicks Shields £15.99     

Combat/Sparring Trousers £4.00

Kung Fu Slippers £1.00 

MISSION T-Shirt by Rock the House  only £11.00


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Now with Overseas Delivery for all products including the Freestand Dummys, please contact us on if you want any product sent overseas.

We send the Wing Chun Dummy to Europe from £269 & USA FROM £272

We deliver any where in the UK for £75.00 or you have the Optoin to pick it up in person

we are based in south tyneside (newcastle upon tyne)

Please contact us on to arrange delivery payment

Are promise to are customer is to try and get the cheapest delivery possible

As well as offering the pioneering freestand dummy, immortal has a range of Martial arts Equipment from thai pads-kickshields-kempo gloves-mma gloves-to boxing gloves and helmat with full face guard & much much more

immortal dummy with strike pads Also why not check out are Immortal Impact prints we can put any Image on a T shirt or Mug, how about your favourite martial arts star-Bruce Lee-Jackie Chan or Jet Li or how about your Club Logo All at competitive prices T Shirts £7.99 & Mug's £7.99 club owners get discount on bulk orders,  ...just Email keith with your image and text at check us out on f/book click the link below and like are page 

In addition to the freestand dummy, we now do a flat wall dummy and a flat trainer, these are shown below in a you tube video with the famous Master Wong.

Watch this space for more video's demonstrating our range of stock and accessories for our dummy range.

Keep checking for are new range coming soon (bulls int)

check out the link below
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Featured Products
 shine and instep Guard PVC
2 Pegs or Wedges
3 Section Wall Bag - Rice Bag
Beanie Hats by Rock The House
Bleed T-Shirt by Rock The House
BLITZ Curved Vinyl Strike Shield
Canvas Dummy Striking Pad Small
double dip foam gloves PVC blue
Flat Trainer
karare suite with belt
kickboxing trousers blue
kickboxing trousers white
Kung Fu Slippers
Open Hand Gloves - Black or Red
Replacement Freestand Dummy Arm
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