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The Immortal Flat Trainer is ideal for students who would like to train on a dummy, but at a low cost, and for instructors to kit out their club very economically. It can be used indoors or outdoors providing it is bolted or screwed to a wall. The Trainer is built to traditional Wing Chun dummy specifications, but of course without the leg.

It is 2ft 9ins high, weighs 18 kilos and is made from solid plastic that will not crack, split or splinter.
(The bag is not included).

Overview When training this technique on the dummy, the most important starting point is the placement of the supporting foot. It should be in line with the dummy leg. If you step too far forward you could easily be hip thrown. If you do not step far enough you will have no leverage and be easily counter swept. In the UKWCKFA we teach these techniques religiously and have developed quick counter kicks if your foot placement is wrong. The third level syllabus is based largely on footwork and kicking ability and trains the student for realistic dynamic situations where an opponent can and will always be prepared to move.

Another common misconception shown in Wing Chun books and articles is that we use two arms to cover our whole torso when blocking with techniques like Kwun Sau and Gaan Sau. No student who trains in martial art for any length of time is unable to tell whether a strike is going to be high or low once launched. Most students get struck because they are too slow or beaten by excellent timing, a double arm block would not help in that situation. The kwun sau or rolling block is a very important move in Wing Chun and is used most commonly to escape from the very threatening double inside gate position. In this position the opponents' ability to crush, close up, and strike freely is very high. This point is realised early in Wing Chun and is why so much time is spent mastering smooth 'changes' in sticking hands.

The Gaan Sau has also been misinterpreted. Gaan sau is a technique that allows a Wing Chun practitioner the opportunity to locate and control an opponent's arms. It is also a great technique to absorb a strong mid to high round kick. Although it appears to be a very large technique on the dummy, it is NOT used to cover from lower mid level to high. No student at this level is that badly co-ordinated that they can't tell the general area of an attack. In the sequence shown the gaan sau is used to take an opponents lead hand down and strike to the neck. The opponent either blocks the strike or not, is does not matter. If he does block then the Wing Chun practitioner has both arms and will then go on from there. In this case he finishes with Gwai Jarn.

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