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This unique Wing Chun Dummy is totally free-standing, meaning it can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, without being bolted or attached to walls or floors.

The Freestand Dummy has been designed so it cannot be kicked or punched to the floor. It is made of solid recycled plastic and weighs 85 kilos with a height of 5'9 ins, 4 ft from back of base to front of leg and a base measuring 2 ft square.

The Immortal Dummy is ideal for any martial artist, as it can be made to fit individual needs. Arms can be raised, lowered, shortened, or lengthened depending on requirements. Contact us for these alteration costs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Freestand Dummy is preferred customer collection, you can contact us to arrange a time to collect it, or it can be delivered for around 80p a mile, call 01480 387862 or

Overview The dummy, as used in Wing Chun Kung Fu, is approached with the intention of developing particular skills for the acquisition of further skill in sticky hands and ultimately self -defence. It is designed to aid in teaching a practitioner the importance of achieving the strongest angle of approach to apply pressure and, because the dummy is generally made of hardwood to add weight, it is used to develop the correct use of strength and power when up close.

The dummy height is always adjusted according to the practitioner, and should be set up with the higher arm at shoulder level. The upper arms are adjustable with the ability to change their height and angle away from the centre. The wooden arms do not bend and are only capable of being moved a small amount when pulled or slapped. If a dummy is set too high a practitioner will be unable to practice many of the techniques. Equally, a low dummy is not as beneficial although the difficulties of training are less.

The two upper arms do not strictly demonstrate the inside and outside gate as a beginner may expect. If you use your imagination you will see that the 'inside' areas, as you look at it, are often the outside areas of what would be the opposite arm. A primary aim in Wing Chun fighting is to face an adversaries centre line without them facing yours. The dummy is designed with arms angled away from the centre line, the practitioner, therefore, has to move well in order to achieve good angle and be able to work on the dummy.
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