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Known as 'The Toughest Man Alive' Gene Lebell is a professional wrestling legend, one of the greatest martial artists and fighters of all time, and one of Hollywood's top stuntmen and character actors. His life story is a gritty and multifaceted tale which is told with Gene Lebell's unmistakable humour and candour.

Lebell takes you back to his early years, growing up in the emerging megalopolis of Los Angeles, and his mother Aileen Eaton's rise to prominence as the West Coast's top boxing and wrestling promoter. Lebell's mother promoted boxing and wrestling during the '40s, '50s and '60s when women weren't even supposed to hold down jobs, and today she is the only woman in the 'Boxing Hall of Fame.'

He recalls his famous challenge no-holds-barred victory over top pro boxer Milo Savage whom he choked out 'bad style. You'll get an intimate glimpse into some of the out-of-the-ring rumbles as well as in-the-ring action. He also tells you how he knocked out the wrestling commissioner, and split open his head, after winning the world championship. Lebell tells us about the rigors and dangers of life as a Hollywood stuntman and takes us behind the scenes of classic and current movies and TV shows.

Gene Lebell's life story peels back the curtain on several worlds that were once kept in secret and ranges from humorous to tragic in its depth. 'The Toughest Man Alive' gives us never before told stories about such towering sports and entertainment figures and fighting legends such as Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Sylvester Stallone, Andre the Giant, 'Sugar' Ray Robinson, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, Chuck Norris, The Rock, Burt Reynolds and Ed 'Strangler' Lewis to name a few. Lebell has done it all. He has crashed cars, jumped motorcycles, caused riots in Texas, wrestled and beaten 800 lb. bears and has fought some of the deadliest men on the planet. In 'The Toughest Man Alive' he tells you how he did it.....and survived!! This is the story of a legend.

Hardcover with dustcover, 253 pages, 16 cm x 24 cm.
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