JEET KUNE DO The Principles of a Complete Fighter.

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In this best-selling book, Balicki -a former manager and instructor of the world famous Inosanto Academy and also appeared in such movies as "The Rock" with Sean Connery, "Barbwire" with Pamela Anderson, and "Escape from LA" TV series - takes elements from Jun Fan - Kali - Muay Thai and shootwrestling, to develop the complete martial artist/fighter who can fight in all ranges of combat. Sections on Focus Mitt Equipment Training, Weapons (knife and stick) options, Multiple Attackers, Trapping on Focus Mitts, Grappling/ground fighting and many more. Here is a feast for both the intellect and the body. Truly a thought provoking book which belongs on the bookshelf of every serious martial artist. 197 pages, 18 cm x 25 cm, with over 400 photos.
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