JUN FAN GUNG FU Seeking the Path of Jeet Kune Do

JUN FAN GUNG FU Seeking the Path of Jeet Kune Do back

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In this volume you will discover much of the fundamental structure and foundation of Bruce Lee's Jun Fan Gung Fu. Here are the basic rudimentary hand tools, kicking tools, defensive hand techniques, footwork drills illustrated and explained in detail. An introduction to Jun Fan Trapping on a Basic Level and Basic Attack Drills included. Concludes with Jun Fan/JKD Terminology. It is imperative that a student in Jeet Kune Do has a good foundation in the Jun Fan method of Gung Fu before expanding and exploring his own personal path of Jeet Kune Do. Add this basic reference book to your library. " 180 pages, 18 cm x 25 cm, with over 330 photos.
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