JEET KUNE DO Hardcore Training & Strategies Guide

JEET KUNE DO Hardcore Training & Strategies Guide back

In this professionally produced book, fully illustrated and combined with a treasure trove of data Hartsell for the first time culminates many intermediate and advanced levels of Bruce Lees Jeet Kune Do. To our delight you will discover a plethora of training drills, techniques, tactics and fighting strategies the quantity and calibre of the material guarantees to elevate you to your highest level. Included are: Bruce Lees Energy Drills, Bruce Lees One and Three Inch Punch, JKD Trapping Skills, JKD Wooden Dummy Training, JKD Sparring Tactics, Advanced JKD Strategies (against a Boxer, Kick Boxer, Wrestler and a Savage Street fighter). Includes a Question and Answer Section. A must have book for all martial artist and JKD exponents. 208 pages, 18 cm x 25 cm. with almost 600 photos.
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