SHINE AND INSTEP This is a featured productback


~~* Best seller

 * Strong construction

 * Durable cover

 * Lightweight for faster kicks

 * Triple Valcro strap closure

 * Sold in pairs

 * Size: small-medium-large

Shine and Instep...Good Quality shine and insteps,

very strong with a valcro straps making good support and very good protection agains powerfull kicks


Product Options
Part No:colours sizes Price Quantity
0023white with designexra larg£25.00
0024white with designlarge£25.00
0025white with designmedium£25.00
0026white with designsmall£25.00
00023Black with designexra larg£25.00
00024Black with designlarge£25.00
00025Black with designmedium£25.00
00026Black with designsmall£25.00
00001red with designexra larg£25.00
00002red with designlarge£25.00
00003red with designmedium£25.00
00004red with designsmall£25.00
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