The Immortal Dummy

Dummy? Wooden Dummy? Kung Fu Dummy? Wing Chun Dummy?... It's hard to put a name to the Immortal Dummy as it can be used in all Martial Arts. All Martial Arts styles like; Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Karate, in fact all combat sports can benefit from the Immortal training dummy.

The Immortal Dummies Are 100% RECYCLED - Heavy, Solid & Dense Resinous Polymer. Same Density, Weight and Texture as Hardwood. DURABLE - Will not Crack, Split or Splinter.

Maintenance-Free & Waterproof. Non-Toxic - Will not Rot, Ecologically Friendly - Saves Trees & Rainforests.

Please note we can deliver anywhere in the united kingdom for £75.00 and your welcome to pick the immortal dummy up in person at are unit we are based in south tyne side (newcastle upon tyne) Before you buy please email me or  Please contact us to discuss individual requirements call keith on : 07519234821 

And thank you for taking the time and please feel free to look around are website

 Freestand Wing Chun Dummy
2 Pegs or Wedges
3 Section Wall Bag - Rice Bag
Flat Trainer
Replacement Freestand Dummy Arm
Replacement Freestand Dummy Leg
Single section Striking Bag - Rice Bag
 Special Offer - Freestand Dummy with Pads
Club Special worth £898.80 club price £799.00
Target Unfilled Punch Bag.

RICHARD BUSTILLO (USA) - Black Belt hall of fame...KEVIN CHAN (UK) - Kamon Martial Arts Federation
CLIFF DERRY (USA) - Pilipino Escrima Association...RICK FAYE (USA) - Minnesota Kali Group
ANDY GIBNEY (UK) - Unified Fighting Systems ...LESTER "SURF DOG" GRIFFIN - Original Dog Brother
SIMON JAMES (UK) Body, Mind & Spirit, Wing Chun Kung Fu......CHRIS KENT (USA)
THOMAS LAMONT (N. IRELAND).......DEREK PAVELY - Southern Freestyle Kung Fu Assn...
SHAUN RAWCLIFFE (UK) - Midland Wing Chun Kuen
DAVID ROGERS (UK) - Rising Crane Centre, Hop Gar Kung Fu...TED WONG (USA) - Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

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